The Bulldog Express
The bulldog express English bulldog puppies
The bulldog express English bulldog puppies
The Bulldog Express
Blue english bulldog
blue tri merle english bulldog puppy

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    Welcome to The Bulldog Express

​​​​We raise and love English, French bulldogs & Olde English Bulldog Puppies.  We are family owned and operated and have been breeding bulldogs since 2004.  All of our dogs are well-socialized and raised in a family environment. They are raised as family members in our home and are given an outstanding nutritional diet in order to obtain and maintain superior mental and physical health. Throughout the years we have been getting great feedback from families and breeders worldwide and will do anything within our power to continue achieving our goals.  We have a great vision with our dogs and are very close to making it a reality.  We strive to produce the best dogs possible with great health, temperament, structure, movement, pedigree, and unique rare colors including blue bulldogs, lilac, lilac tri merle and all the unique colors!

lilac tri olde english bulldogge puppy english bulldog puppy
sable english bulldog
English bulldog

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Blue english bulldog

​​The Bulldog Express

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chocolate tri merle english bulldog

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We socialize our bulldogs by being around people, being touched and handled constantly.  Experiencing different noises and environments is extremely important for their development.  They are raised as a part of our family while preparing them for their new family and the world!

Olde English Bulldogges for Sale in Texas English Bulldog Puppies French bulldogs Blue bulldog

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale
Blue english bulldog

We Breed Both Standard And Rare colored bulldogs without compromising our dogs Health. We breed our puppies to have the least amount of health issues by carefully selecting the parents. We dont breed dogs with any undesirable traits or health issues.

lilac fawn olde english bulldogge puppy, english bulldog puppy

socialization is a priority

Chocolate Tri olde English bulldog stud bulldog express

Dedicated to the breed

lilac fawn olde english bulldogge puppy, english bulldog puppy

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lilac tri merle english bulldog
Lilac Tri Merle English bulldog


blue tri merle olde english bulldog, english bulldog
Puppies are Here! C a l l 8 3 2 - 4 0 9 - 7 8 9 2 t o r e s e r v e o n e T O D A Y ! !
Lilac Tri English Bulldog stud
Brindle merle english bulldog

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