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As a professional English Bulldog breeder and English Bulldog stud service, We offer in-person artificial insemination (A.I.) and cooled shipped semen from all of our English bulldog studs to approved English Bulldog females. Our AKC-registered English Bulldog studs meet the highest English bulldog standard of conformation, temperament, and health. Give us a call and we will help you choose the right stud for your female.

English Bulldog stud services are $1000(or higher depending on the stud chosen) and include 2 vials of semen. Just let us know when your female English Bulldog is starting to go into heat, and when progesteron testing is done we will set a date to breed. We can ship cooled semen straight to your veterinarian. The cost will include the stud fee and appropriate shipping costs. Rush shipments are also available (paying the same day your shipment needs to be sent) for an additional cost. Semen shipped from us will be guaranteed to be alive and motile. Please refer to our stud contract for more detailed information and instructions.”

Our knowledge and experience in semen collection, handling, and shipping give you the peace of mind that your cooled shipped semen will arrive on time and motile for your female English Bulldog’s artificial insemination. If you are looking for a reputable, reliable English Bulldog stud service, then call The Bulldog Express..

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The Bulldog Express  produces English Bulldogs and Olde English Bulldogges with proven genetics. Our top quality dogs have excellent confirmation, temperment and gorgeous rare colors around the globe.  The Bulldog Express plans several litters a year with excellent genetics.  We strive to excel our bloodline with every carefully planned breeding.  

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