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‚Äč         e started this journey when we bought our very first Olde English Bulldogge and absolutely fell in love with the breed.  We never saw ourselves as "breeders" or thought that we would be raising English and Olde English Bulldogges, but we thank God everyday that we are.  Breeding bulldogs has truly been a blessing, the pure joy that they bring to our lives is unmeasurable.  They are absolutely one of the most tolerant breeds with children and other animals.  The children love them and are a huge part in our breeding program.  Having young children as a breeder is an absolute must have,  the socialization and love the children provide these puppies and bulldoggies with is indescribalbe and absolutely neccessary.  Our bulldogs are all raised in our home with our family.   Our family consists of myself, my husband and our two beautiful children Daughter ( 13) and Son (11).  The children and my husband are a huge help and a vital part of our breeding program.   We all are in love with our dogs and couldnt imagine our home without them.

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chocolate tri english bulldog

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Once Upon a time at The Bulldog Express......

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Chocolate English bulldog stud
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Once Upon a time at The Bulldog Express......

Chocolate Tri English Bulldog

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Chocolate Tri olde English bulldog stud